7 Reasons self-serve recording can save you MONEY & get results

Recording Studios Perth

As musicians and songwriters we want the best result when recording our songs and releasing them to the public to be enjoyed.
At the same time we don’t all have the budgets to pay $80/hour or more for a studio with an engineer, and sometime it’s not even necessary.

Foxhole Studios is a unique idea that will get you a great recoding for the lowest price – HERE’S HOW!

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Our microphones, preamps & recording system is all gear that you would expect to find in a professional studio.
We use ProTools HD, the long time industry standard, with 16 ins & 8 outs of high-end Digidesign 192 converters.
As a studio engineer I have specified only gear that I would use in a session with clients at my commercial studio.

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2. Our prices are RIDICULOUSLY LOW. 
By recording yourself and not having to pay an engineer, you save big $$$.
As a typical member, you can expect to pay around $10/hour for use of either of our 2 studios!
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3. We are open 24/7 
That means whenever you get the urge or a sudden burst of inspiration, you can head straight into the studio and start making music

4. Our gear WORKS every time
So much motivation is lost in knowing that you need to setup and troubleshoot before you start a session
At Foxhole there’s no messing around with equipment, cords, software. Walk in a start straight away.

5. Take your TIME to make something you’re proud of.
We’ve all been in a session where time has blown out, maybe new ideas are flowing and the song is taking an unexpected turn, or maybe you just want to experiment with a sound. So often we have to move on because time or money just doesn’t allow.
With a year membership you have 52 sessions, which are 8 hours long, to get every part of the process exactly how you want it, and make the whole journey more enjoyable.

6. Get out of your bedroom!
There’s nothing like changing environments and getting away from distractions at home to open the creative mind.
Our facility has a great vibe, with ducted aircon, lounge area, art and great people around to give you that extra boost of motivation.

7. Our studios double as REHEARSAL ROOMS
For bands rehearsing every week, this is a great way to save money on a separate rehearsal room and paying for studio time as well. You’ve also got the added bonus of recording your jams for pre-production.

Feel free to call us on 0400733474 if you would like to know more or to organise a time to see the studios, we’d love to have you 🙂